Let’s give Peace a chance!

4092485456_4700593795-copyIt is the eve of one week ago were we had a Presidential election and since the results the majority of media coverage on TV, on radio and especially online has been negative, divisive and insightful leading to threats of violence to the new President elect and his wife Melania.  I believe in freedom of speech but not freedom of violent actions, bullying and physical harm, personally I am getting really adnoid with all this! How about you?

Too many people got addicted to the non stop drama of the campaign process for the last year and have been doing their best to keep the tension and drama going and now it is evolving into even more dangerous expressions of fear and anger. Very sad, as it is time to let go, find a place of acceptance that we had an election like every other time and we have a President Elect like every other time and to now agree to disagree with the results and to move forward in the most positive way we can as people of this great nation.

We need more people at every level, current President, state and city officials; communities, churches, school leaders and in neighborhoods to start talking about the concepts of promoting peace, unity and putting that into action. This will not come from the media so it means blocking out the media who is fanning the flames of unrest and dissension and taking personal responsibility. Choose positive change which can start with one person and have a positive reaction spreading to larger positive change. So we have a choice to be that positive change agent with our family, friends and in our communities or remain full of hate & anger, be a cancer and part of the problem in our country.

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self and help make positive change!



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